** Unit 5 Assessment **

A relatively easy-to-complete assessment on Unit 5 is available on Knowledge Hook (KH). If you have not yet used KH, here is a video explaining it.

This week's assessments

Unit 4 - Analytical Geometry involves Midpoints & Lengths of line segments as well as the equation of a circle, median lines, and right-bisectors.

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6.1 - Graphing Parabolas (Part 3)

From Vertex Form

Mon. May 25th

6.2 - Completing the Square

Creating Vertex Form

Wed. May 27th

6.3 - Solving When it Doesn't Factor (Pt. 1)

The Quadratic Formula

Fri. May 29th

6.4 - Solving When it Doesn't Factor (Pt. 2)

The "new" method. Also known as the pq-formula.

Mon. June 1st

6.5 - Vertex Formula & The Discriminant

Breaking down the Quadratic Formula

Wed. June 3rd

6.6 - Generating the Equation from Details

Fri. June 5th

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