Unit 5 - Quadratic Relations

What happens when a line is not enough? What does the graph look like when we square the x-value? In this unit, students will learn about quadratic relations and the algebra connected to parabolas.

5.1 - Quadratic Relations (Parabolas)

Wed. May 6th

5.2 - Graphing Parabolas (Part 1)

5.2 Video Lesson

The written lesson file crashed while saving. It was unrecoverable and I didn't want to re-record the lesson. The Mathspace Lesson for this is easy to follow with good examples.

Mathspace Practice Questions

Friday May 8th

5.3 - Transformations of Parabolas

Investigation: Look in your Math (MTH-MPM2D-1920) folder on Google Drive. Find the document titled "5.3 - Investigating Transformations of Parabolas". Follow the instructions in the document.

Mathspace Practice Questions

Monday May 11th

5.4 - Solving Quadratic Equations (Part 1)

Solving through Algebra

5.4 Video Lesson | Written Lesson

Mathspace Practice Questions

The extra video links for this lesson are very good - Khan Academy does an excellent job explaining. Especially the playlist.

Wed. May 13th

This is a tentative plan that is subject to change.

MPM2D - The Pandemic Plan (weeks 9-13)