Unit 4 - Analytic Geometry

This will be more like a mini-unit. We will take a look at line segments and the interesting information we can get from them using skills we already know!



Slope Y-intercept Form



Pythagorean Theorem

4.1 - Distance Equation

4.1 Video Lesson | Mathspace Lesson

Practice Questions: Period 2 | Period 3

Monday April 20th

4.2 - Midpoint of a Line Segment

4.2 Video Lesson | Mathspace Lesson

Practice Questions: Period. 2 | Period. 3

Wednesday April 22nd

4.3 - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Friday April 24th

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4.4 - Perpendicular Bisectors & Medians

Lesson (two parts, one lesson):

Part 1 - Medians (Video | PDF)

Part 2 - Perpendicular Bisectors (Video | PDF)

Note - Mathspace did not have this topic, so I made a homework sheet. Click here --> Practice Questions - Not Mathspace

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Mon. April 27th

* Unit 4 Task! *

Please try to complete this by Wednesday, May 12th

Friday May 1st

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In your Google Drive, there is a folder called MTH-MPM2DR-#-1920. Inside that folder is the task for this unit. Please check that folder before contacting me.

This concludes our mini unit 4 - Analytic Geometry.