Unit 1 - Trigonometry & Triangles

Triangles are the most basic closed polygon. 3D images in computer generated graphics revolve around the most basic of 2D shape - the triangle. In this chapter, we will apply our understanding of angles and side-lengths to solve problems, specifically with triangles.

1.1 - Labeling Triangles & SOH CAH TOA

Tues. Feb. 11th

Labeling Sides

Wed. Feb. 12th

Basic Trig 1
Basic Trig 2

Thurs. Feb. 13th

Solving a △ 1
Solving a △ 2

Fri. Feb. 14th

Sample Problem
∠ Problems

1.5 - Mid Unit Assessment!

Prepare for a written assessment on the following:

  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Labeling triangles and SOH CAH TOA
  • Determining side lengths & angles given a right-triangle
  • Simple word-problems or right-triangle problems
    • May or may not include angle of elevation / depression

Tues. Feb. 18th

Check Mathspace for a word-problem task.

1.6 - The Sine Law (Oblique Triangles)

Wed. Feb. 19th

Law of Sines

1.7 - The Cosine Law

Lesson File [ Per. ② | Per. ③ ]

Homework: Per. ② | Per. ③

Thurs. Feb. 20th

Law of Cosines

Mon. Feb. 24th & Tues. Feb. 25th

Review for Assessment! ②③

Overview of Topics (in class)

Paper Practice (distributed in class)

Mathspace does not provide reviews or extra questions beyond the homework. To prepare for the test you will be given a paper review.

Tues. Feb. 25th & Wed. Feb. 26th