Unit 1 - Linear Systems

By the end of this unit, students will be able to solve a system of linear equations using a variety of strategies, solve problems that are modelled by linear equations or systems of linear equations, and describe the relationship between the number of solutions to a system of linear equations and the coefficients of the equations.

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1.1 - Solve Linear Systems by Graphing

Tuesday, April 20th

Mr. Brash's Video Lesson
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to Mathspace: (need to be logged in to @ocsbstudent)

Complete the Mathspace Tutorial task

Complete the 1.1 Task (Homework)

1.1 Helpful Videos:

▶▶▶ Mr. Brash's Video Lesson !

Other Videos:
Solve by Graphing
Lines & Slope
Testing a Solution

1.2 - Solve by Substitution

Wednesday, April 21st

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Mathspace Practice (Homework)

1.3 - Solve by Elimination

Thursday, April 22nd

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Mathspace Practice (Homework)

1.4 - Applications involving Linear Systems

Matthew’s piggy bank contains 308 quarters and nickels. If Matthew has a total of $33.60 in his piggy bank, how many quarters and nickels does he have?

Feeling adventurous?

1.5 - Length of a Line Segment (Distance)

A: Fri. Sept. 18
B: Mon. Sept. 21

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Mathspace Practice (Homework)

1.5 Helpful Videos:

Mr. Brash's video for Distance / Length
(sorry about the intro...)
A playlist on distance

1.6 - Midpoint of a Line Segment

A: Fri. Sept. 18
B: Mon. Sept. 21

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Mathspace Practice (Homework)

🏠 Review of Unit 1

A: Mon. Sept. 21
B: Tues. Sept. 22

Go over your notes, and the lessons 1.1 to 1.6!

Review Video(s):

Don't forget Mr. Brash's videos linked in the lessons.
Great Khan Academy links:
Solve by Graphing
Playlist on Substitution
Playlist on Elimination
Playlist on word-problems
Playlist on Distance
Playlist on Midpoint

Unit 1 Extra Practice

Some have answers, the rest you can check on Desmos.

Unit 1 Assessment is in-class on the following dates:

Cohort A - Tuesday, September 22nd
Cohort B - Wednesday, September 23rd

Students who utilize the resource room or use extra time from their IEP are strongly recommended to stay in the room and only move to resource once the first 75 minutes have passed. Resource teachers will be checking on us as we work.