Unit 4 - Divide & Conquer
4.4 - Merge Sort

4.4 - Merge Sort

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"Split Search" was actually "Binary Search". I didn't want you Googling the code. Merge sort is not a codename - that's what it's called. No Googling code or solutions! There is a lot of supporting material available on this page.

The algorithms for Bubble, Selection, and Insert sort are all very linear. They traverse the array one element at a time in a specific direction. Instead, we can break the array down into smaller pieces (in fact, down to the individual items) and when we traverse back up the tree, we can sort as we go. This creates a much faster sorting process. Here's an animation and still image from Wikipedia:

In the still image above, you can see a "top-down" approach where we separate the sorting process into 'threads' that get taken care of in the green arrows (after the halfway point). Those green arrows occur during the return portion of the algorithm and the sort is performed by copying the data into a new array (we do not modify the original).

Merge Sort utilizes three functions:

Name the functions what you want, but essentially mergeSortHelper is the recursive function. tempList starts as an empty array (same length as list) in which we place the sorted data. Note that we do not sort in place - which means we don't touch the original array. The merge function copies, "merges", the data back together into tempList.

Where to Start:

A. mergeSort(list): Here we generate an empty array that is the same length as list and begin the recursive process:

// Generate an empty array of correct length

let temp = new Array(list.length);

mergeSortHelper(list, 0, list.length - 1, temp);

B. mergeSortHelper(list, from, to, tempList): Here we need to accomplish 4 things, assuming we have work to do (ie. until the base case is found).

C. merge(list, from, mid, to, tempList): One-by-one, copy from list to tempList in a sorted order. Lowest first, then the next, then the next. The values from, mid, and to are to assist with keeping track of where to begin and end.

Head over to GitHub and implement the mergeSort algorithm using JavaScript and the details given above.