Week 1 - Review of ICS3 (Gr. 11) Skills

Take some time to remind yourself of the methods and structures covered in the grade 11 course. Refer to Programming Basics as often as you need to for syntax and examples!

Day 1: Mon. Feb. 7th

  • Welcome & Administrivia items

  • Offline activity

  • General Overview of Rules (maybe some new ones)

  • Repl.it accounts / team

    • Review of Gr. 11 Skills

ICS4U - Day 1

Day 2: Tues. Feb. 8th

Grade 11 Review Continued:

Day 3: Wed. Feb. 9th

Grade 11 Review Continued:

    • For loops

    • Combining functions, loops, and if-statements

Day 4: Thurs. Feb. 10th

Grade 11 Review Continued:

    • A Brief overview of HTML

    • Continue working on JavaScript review 0.1-0.4

    • FRIDAY - written review worksheet (fix the code)

Day 5: Fri. Feb. 11th

Final day of Gr. 11 review (I hope)

    • Connecting HTML and JS

    • Written review worksheet (fix the code)