Clipboard History

Windows and ChromeOS have built-in clipboard histories that let you go back to previously copied items?

Try it!  Windows: instead of CTRL+V to paste, try WIN+V  (the super key + V)
ChromeOS: instead of CTRL+V, try LAUNCHER+V  (the search button +V)

Sorry Mac users - this is not a built-in feature of MacOS. However, there are apps that try to mimic it.

Select with the Keyboard instead of the Mouse

You don't have to use the mouse to select text. If you are typing and want to select something, hold SHIFT and use the arrow keys to select text around your current location.

Try holding SHIFT and CTRL and using the arrow keys.

Try holding SHIFT and using HOME or END or CTRL+SHIFT+HOME (or END)

Getting faster with the keyboard means more productivity! Try keeping your hand off the mouse as much as possible.

Virtual Desktops

All four major operating systems provide virtual desktops. 

Windows - "Virtual Desktops"

ChromeOS - "Desks"

MacOS - "Spaces"

(More coming soon - for now you can Google it)

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