Introduction to Computer Science (CS) Gr. 11

This course introduces students to computer programming and the science of logic. Students will design software independently and as part of a team, using industry-standard programming tools and applying the software development life-cycle model. They will learn to write and use functions as reusable code inside larger programs. Students will develop creative solutions for various types of problems as their understanding of the computing environment grows. They will also explore environmental and ergonomic issues, emerging research in computer science, and global career trends in computer-related fields. 

Suggested viewing for independent learners:

Excuse the mess - Expect the unexpected.

Msg from Mr. Brash:  As with most things "tech", the tools and sites that were being used for this course have changed their pricing or removed themselves from the education sector. I will have to completely remake this course for a third time. If anyone has questions or concerns - especially parents - please do not hesitate to contact me.