ICS3UC - Introduction
(Days 1-3)

Materials and links for the beginning of the course.

Lessons & content will be on this website, check the course calendar for dates.

Day 1 - Welcome to ICS3UC! (Click to expand)

First Day of Class:

  • Complete the following:

  1. Plagiarism Policy(sign it here)

  2. Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

  3. Computer Skills Inventory

Today's Homework (due tomorrow)

  • Make sure you have your account with TypingClub and complete the three items above.

Day 2 - A Brief History of Computers (Click to expand)

Did you miss yesterday?

> Please don't get ahead of yourself (ie. don't get all clicky - wait for instructions)

"What if I already know how to code or I find this class too slow / boring?"

    • There's always something to do or try. This is your opportunity to be a geek or to learn new skills. As a starter, I highly recommend tutorials on SoloLearn or trying some of my challenges. There will be more opportunities as we go through the course.

    • With a Google account, you can learn and code anything you want and there are endless tutorials online. Just make sure you are learning and not just copying.

Today's Lesson & Classwork

  • Complete a minimum of 5 minutes in TypingClub

  • Course Calendar

  • Any questions from yesterday?

    • Activity & discussion about Codebreaker / Mastermind

1.0 - History of Computers

Today's Homework

Day 3 - Everyone Settled-In? (Click to expand)

Did you miss yesterday?

Today's Classwork

  • School assembly at 10:10am

  • Complete anything you have not completed up to this point!