4.2 - HTML: The Basics

Today's Lesson: 4.2 - HTML: Front-End Dev

Part 1: In case you missed yesterday's lesson, take a look at all this:

What exactly is WWW and why do sites start with www.?
What's the difference between
the Internet and the Web?

Here is a selection of videos that explain the difference - pick whichever one you want, or watch multiple to solidify your understanding:

Part 2: The simplest GUI - HyperText Markup Language

Making a GUI in C++ or Java can be very time-consuming and requires a ton of code. Lucky for us, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created a language that describes what we want to see in a document. On the "Web", the GUI is created with HTML in a document, much like writing a book or essay. Since his initial invention, HTML (now at version 5) has grown to include buttons, sliders, animations and way more.

So let's get started!

Today's Task(s) / Homework

  • Unit 4 HTML Playground in Replit (Look for Unit 4)