3.1 - Do While

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...


  • Unit 0 - At this point you should be finished 0.1 to 0.9. Today/tonight is 0.10

  • This Friday, Dec. 10th, all previous Unit 0 lessons will be open just for the day. They will be closed again in the evening/night.


  • We can now:

    • control input & output

    • store values and manipulate them

    • control code with if-statements

    • "chunk" code in functions that run when commanded.

Today's Lesson: 3.1 - Repeating Code with Do-While Loops

What if you need a block of code to happen repeatedly? In programming, this is called a loop. There are three basic loops and today we will discuss two of them: While and Do While.

New Scrimba demo on While Loops (link will be live after editing)

OLD Scrimba demo on While Loops

w3schools page on While Loops

Today's Task(s) / Homework