3.1 - While

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...


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Repeating code is inefficient. And what if we don't know when it should end?

// Ask the user to enter a number and check for valid input
let input = Number(prompt(“Enter a number.));

if (isNaN(input))
  input = Number(prompt(“Please enter a number.));
    if (isNaN(input))
      input = Number(prompt(“Ugh, please enter a number.));
        if (isNaN(input))
          input = Number(prompt(“Enter a NUMBER.));
            if (isNaN(input))

The ability to repeat, or loop, code provides lots of possibilities. The first loop we will look at is called the while loop and acts a lot like an if-statement.

// Example: A never-ending loop (not good)
while (true) {
  console.log("You can't stop me!");

// Example: Counting to 10
let n = 0;

while (n <= 10) {
  console.log("n is", n);
  n++;  // We need to make sure we modify 'n'!

// Example: Should I stop?
let input = "n";

while (input.toUpperCase() != "Y") {
  input = prompt("Should I stop? (y/n)");

console.log("Ok, I stopped");

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