June - Ending the School Year

⇨ Hi everyone!

Congrats on making it this far! Distance-learning during a stressful spring is no easy task.

Marks are in and report cards are done. As I have mentioned repeatedly, this semester should not be about the mark. The mark is just a number. From now until September, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself as much as possible for grade 11 mathematics. This means learning as much of the grade 10 material as possible, within the realm of availability and accessibility in your own situation. My videos will remain on YouTube and I can't stress enough how good the lessons are in Mathspace and Khan Academy.

All the material in this course, especially the material in Unit 6, is all very crucial for Gr. 11 Math.

Access to the school is available to empty your lockers and return borrowed items. Parents were notified via email and it is on the St. Matthew website.

Friday, June 12th was my final office hour meeting of the year.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you just need to contact me.

Be safe, be well, and try to get outside to enjoy some fresh air before it's so hot that we complain and stay indoors!

Mr. Brash