Gr. 11 Comp. Sci. - What did I miss?

I will try to keep this page up-to-date.
Most of the lessons are given as a live lecture in-class and are difficult to reproduce in written form.

Wed. Oct. 28th
Thurs. Oct. 29th

Both Cohorts

  • Final CSE day with the Raspberry Pi units.

  • At home work: Guessing Game version 2 (assignment 2.4). The guessing game gives 3 chances. What if we want to give the user an infinite number of guesses? What if we want to give them a specific number of guesses other than 3?

    In Assignment 2.4 - Guessing Game v2 you are required to ask the user for a low and high value, generate a random number between (and including) those values. Then the user gets an infinite number of tries to guess it correctly with a hint each time they get it wrong. If they get it correct, the game ends. If they want to quit the game, they can click CANCEL on the prompt and the game ends. For more detail, see the assignment in

Mon. Oct. 26th
Tues. Oct. 27th

Both Cohorts

  • We discussed pseudocode: writing the code to solve a problem means translating logic into a programming language. That requires the logic first! Today we discussed using a whiteboard, piece of paper, or notepad to write out the logical steps of a program in plain English so that we have the idea of the logic. Only after we have the logic should we be heading to the code and translating that logic into JavaScript (or whatever language). It is much easier to think logically on paper and using conversation - the code will be easier to write after that.

  • Guessing Game (2.3) is due! Get'er done!!!

Mon. Oct. 19th
Tues. Oct. 20th

Both Cohorts

  • We are done with Unit 1. At least, we should be. Some students need to use their time at home better and others need to pay better attention during a lesson. I understand, lectures can be boring - but there is not a more interactive way of teaching individual coding topics, I'm afraid.

  • We discussed and reviewed everything that we have learned up to this point.

  • The floor was open to questions about any topic - any questions at all.

  • We covered if...else statements (interactive video) and assignment 2.2 was assigned "giveTicket( )".

  • Students might also see an assignment 2.3 in - that is for students who have completed all work until this point and it will be discussed again in class.

  • Mr. Brash created an interactive video explaining the differences between return and console.log() as well as some details about parameters to functions, etc.

Fri. Oct. 16th

Cohort A

Cohort B

  • Working at home to complete assignments 1.1 to 2.1b

Wed & Thurs. Oct. 14-15

CSE Week 2!

  • We continued to learn Python code

  • At this point we've seen how to:

    • Import the UnicornHAT code with: import unicornhathd as u

    • Set LED's to be ready to turn on: u.set_pixel(x, y, r, g, b)

    • Turn on the LED's with: )

    • Pause the code with: time.sleep(#)

    • Loop the code with: while <condition is True>:

    • And make decisions with if-statements: if <condition>:

Don't worry - we'll continue to build on these and practice them!

Tues. Oct. 13th

Cohort B

Cohort A

  • Working at home to complete assignments 1.1 to 1.8

Oct. 7 & 8

  • Our first experiential learning day with CSE!

  • Three members of CSE discussed what they do and how it impacts our lives every day (over 1 billion cyber threats on the government's network daily).

  • October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

  • We started programming on the Raspberry Pi computers through a very popular IDE called VSCode. It is an industry standard tool. We were successful in controlling individual LEDs on a 16x16 grid, similar to how a television, store sign, or computer monitor works.

  • Keep your eyes on the #cse channel in our Slack workspace for documents, questions, and photos of our work!

Oct. 5 & 6

  • We continued our work with variables (let areaCode = 613;) and printing to the console with console.log( )

  • We introduced input using the JavaScript function prompt( )

  • We also introduced the idea of functions - our own little mini programs within a program. For example, the console has many functions and we've been using one called log( ) quite a bit. Now we can create our own!
    function myFunctionName( ) {
    // Your code here

Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st

  • Check out for some pretty awesome (and difficult) hacking and crypto capture the flag challenges. Sign up for the October mini competition (optional)!

  • Lesson on functions (just a quick intro) and some more discussions about variables and output. Assignment 1.6 was released in

  • Next week it looks like we'll get to do a bit of tinkering on the Raspberry Pi's! I figured out a very cool way to code on them remotely - from your own laptops / chromebooks!

Sept. 28th is working again (for now)

Looks like I have to go back to the drawing-board on our coding environment. Classroom (which used to work beautifully) is dying a slow death. A real shame, it was great for assignments and feedback.

Never fear, I'm working on it. The next few days will require some reconfiguring and some new learning for all of you. Trying to piece it together as fast as possible.

For now - keeping working in Classroom is currently working.


Cohort A: You should be done the assignment and done assignments 1.1-1.3. Today we worked towards 1.4 and 1.5. Lessons and instructions are in

Cohort B: You should be done the assignment and done assignments 1.1-1.3. You will have also started CodeCombat.

You have an invitation email for CodeCombat. Check your email. This is an optional website to learn some coding conventions in a fun way. If you finish all your assignments - this is your work.

Contact me if you can't find the invite or have trouble with CodeCombat.


The site is going to be our Integrated Development Environment or IDE. You should have an email inviting you to the class.

The class was introduced to our Slack workspace for chatting and sharing questions / answers.


Check your email for an invitation to our class. That's where we will do our coding - subject to change.


How do Programmers... Program?

For the materials of the first few days, please visit the Hapara Workspace for our class.