2.5 - Hello World(s)!


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Computers take input, process that input, and give output.

Today's Lesson: 2.1 - Hello World(s)!

We're going to work backwards and start with the output. Why? Because computer programs are very boring if there's no output. It's actually the easier part of programming.

Output to the user is crucial in programming:

"Hello World" is the first program almost everyone writes.

  • By completing this task, you will discover how easy it is to research and learn the syntax of each language

  • Go over the History of Hello World

  • If you miss this lesson, read the JavaScript Hello World Tutorial

  • Let's ask our computer to print "Hello world!" in four different programming languages.

    • It's important to note that any time an example is given in quotes - you do not include those in the actual output. So your actual output should be Hello World! without the quotation marks.

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