1.2 - Logic with Bits

How can a machine make decisions?

When are the following statements true and when are they false?

  • It is raining and it is night time.

  • It is snowing or it is December.

Take the second statement above - "It is snowing or it is December". Is that statement true if it's December but not snowing? What about if it is December and also snowing?


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  • From last lesson:

    • Binary is made of 1's and 0's that represent electricity being on (1) or off (0).

    • Computers use electricity and, therefore, can only work with binary.

    • We use bits (and "bytes") to represent any kind of data: numbers, letters, media, encrypted messages, etc...

1.2 - Logic with Bits

I have to admit, I wish I had called this lesson "Bits of Logic". Get it?

1.2 Task(s)

  • Utilize the logic.ly demo to complete the assignment posted in our Hapara Workspace

    • Important: logic.ly does not save your work!

    • When you are finished and have submitted your assignment, you can attempt the bronze, silver, and gold challenges (also in Hapara)

  • Yes, I'm aware 0.3 in on logic gates and 0.4 is on binary. Repetition is a key factor in learning new topics.

Side note: Hradla is an open-source tool similar to Logic.ly and allows the saving and loading of diagrams but it's not as user-friendly.