1.1 - Binary

Using Electricity as Data

Digital processors require electricity to work. But how do they make decisions or calculate something as simple as 2 + 2 or as complex as ray tracing in 3D video games?


  • Typing club every "T" day

  • Unit 0 ISU started on Tuesday (0.2 releases Thursday, Feb. 10th)

    • Each Unit 0 item is available for a week and closes before the next "T" day.

Lesson 1.1 - Binary

  • What is binary and why do we keep hearing about it in computer science?

  • How do computers compute?

  • Slideshow for this lesson (an approximate accompaniment to what I will say in class)

    • During the lesson there will be several handouts to practice binary and converting binary <> decimal. These can be found linked in the slideshow for the lesson, but it is not necessary that you print them.

Task(s) / Homework

  • Complete the binary conversion and binary addition sheets that get handed-out in class.

  • Make sure you stay caught up with Unit 0

  • Maybe continue your historical figure research