History of Computers

This assignment will be covered over several classes. Each student will be given two (2) historical figures or inventions in the history of computing. You will research the topic and learn their importance with regards to technology, advancements, and computer science.

We will compile an entire slideshow together as a class.
* Obvious rules apply when working on a group slideshow. Don't forget, your teacher can see the history and is the owner of the file.

The slideshow has been shared with you.
Click here or find it in Google Drive

  • You will been assigned your two (2) research topics.

  • The first two slides give some instructions.

  • Find the slides for your topics and place your name on them.

  • Mr. Brash will cover this assignment further in class.

You will be informally presenting your topics throughout the quadmester, starting next week (Monday, Nov. 22nd)