4.3 - More HTML Tags

HTML Basics Overview:

  • We have looked at the structure of an HTML document and some basic tags

    • <!doctype html>

    • <head> vs <body>

    • <title> (inside head) for the browser tab at the top (in Replit you need to open in a new window)

    • Remember that most tags need a closing tag to stop that element (like bold) but some do not (like an image)

  • w3schools and Google are your best friend for learning HTML!

Today's Lesson: 4.3 - More HTML Tags

  • Please keep in mind that some tutorials use bad indentation (or even worse - none!). Practice the indentation demonstrated in class!

  • When you use a tag you are writing HTML syntax to create Elements on the page

Let's look at:

Note - we are not learning the "style" attribute just yet. Any work you do on your own that changes colour, font, or other style attributes is on your own. There are three (3) ways to apply style attributes and we will be learning that soon enough.

Today's Task(s)

  • Use the 4.1 - HTML Playground in Replit to make a quick "about me" page

    • Use headings and paragraphs.

    • Try bolding or italicizing some text.

    • Add a picture (doesn't need to be of you, it can be of something you like or where you're from).

    • Don't worry too much about style right now - that comes later.