ICS2O - Final RST

A work in progress - if you have input, don't be shy, speak to your teacher

Part 1 of 2 - Portfolio of Work

In an effort to make your RST as painless as possible, we will add to it throughout the course. There is a Replit project for your portfolio. You will create a publicly visible site that links to your learning and projects as we move through the course.

General Directions

  • Any code, HTML, and media must be your own. Copy and pasted content from someone/where else is not permitted. This site is to be made from scratch as you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    • Exceptions will be made for royalty free graphics or material obtained with express consent from the creator.

  • Keep it professional. The look and content must be appropriate examples of professional work. Remember that your site is publicly visible and should reflect the expectations of a Catholic high school student.

  • Your site may have various sub-sections but it must contain the following sections at minimum:

    • Weekly journal - starting this week you will be required to make an entry describing what you learned that week. It can be as brief or detailed as you'd like but it should contain examples and specifics. More on this will be described in class for the first entry.

    • Class projects - this will have links to your submitted Replit assignments, starting with 2.1 onward. A brief description of each would also be nice. You could also link to this section from your weekly journals, if you feel it fits.

    • Useful bookmarks - this will be an organized collection of useful videos, sites, tools, code snippets, etc... that you have gathered throughout the course. A great place to keep links so that you don't have one of those "there was this site I saw" moments.

    • Final project - this will link to Part 2 of your RST. More on that later.

A rubric will follow. Stay tuned.

Weekly Journal Entries

Entry #1 (Sept. 24th, 2021)

We are three weeks into the course. Create an honest summary and critique of your own learning & participation as well as the course itself. What have you learned that surprised you? What are you enjoying? What do you dislike? What can be improved? Are you where you thought you would be at the end of week three?

Remember - this is a journal entry, not an essay. Write how you please but take care to have proper spelling and grammar (Grammarly can help).

Type up your journal entry, using proper HTML and (optional) CSS. Organize your file in your Replit RST project with a filename and location that makes sense. You may choose to have a separate file for each week or a single page with all your entries in chronological order.

Entry #2 (Oct. 1st, 2021)

You've had your first taste of programming. What have you learned? What was a struggle? What are you interested in?

What did you notice, what do you wonder?

Time to make your second journal entry for your RST portfolio. Any questions, just ask.

Entry #3 (Oct. 7th, 2021)

We are a couple weeks into programming and you've learned a lot! Write about it.

  • What did you notice, what do you wonder?

  • What were some successes or "aha" moments?

    • What were some struggles or frustrations?

  • Now that you've had a taste for HTML & JavaScript, what are some ideas you have for your final project in this course? It will be a game or program, so what are you brainstorming right now?