ICS2O - Final RST

Part 1 of 2 - Portfolio of Work

In an effort to make your RST as painless as possible, we will add to it throughout the course. There is a Replit project for your portfolio. You will create a publicly visible site that links to your learning and projects as we move through the course.

General Directions

  • Any code, HTML, and media must be your own. Copy and pasted content from someone/where else is not permitted. This site is to be made from scratch as you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    • Exceptions will be made for royalty free graphics or material obtained with express consent from the creator.

  • Keep it professional. The look and content must be appropriate examples of professional work. Remember that your site is publicly visible and should reflect the expectations of a Catholic high school student.

  • Your site may have various sub-sections but it must contain the following sections at minimum:

    • Weekly journal - starting this week you will be required to make an entry describing what you learned that week. It can be as brief or detailed as you'd like but it should contain examples and specifics.

    • Class projects - this will have links to your submitted Replit assignments, starting with 2.1 onward. A brief description of each would also be nice. You could also link to this section from your weekly journals, if you feel it fits.

    • Useful bookmarks - this will be an organized collection of useful videos, sites, tools, code snippets, etc... that you have gathered throughout the course. A great place to keep links so that you don't have one of those "there was this site I saw" moments.

    • Final project - this will link to Part 2 of your RST. More on that later.

The rubric is available in the instructions of the Repl project for this task.

Part 2 of 2 - Final Coding Project

Start of the Final Project - Oct. 28th

As a class, we will go over the instructions and timelines of the final project. Everything is in Replit but the timeline is here as well, for your reference.

Storyboarding - Oct. 29th

While it shouldn't take an entire class, this day is dedicated to storyboarding how you want your site / app / game to look. Keep in mind, this is a draft.

Flowchart(s) - Nov. 1st

This is the day for flowcharting the main and important algorithms of your app / game. Any function of specific task requires a flowchart. These can be done in draw.io but they can also be done by hand and the photos uploaded to the Supporting Documents folder in Replit.

Pseudocode - Nov. 2nd

Hopefully it did not require two full days for storyboarding and flowcharts, so you might start the pseudocode prior to Nov. 2nd and that's ok. It is strongly recommended to create the pseudocode in a Markdown or text file within the Supporting Documents folder in Replit. However, if you wish to do it by hand or in another document, just make sure it ends up in Replit somehow.

Coding - Nov. 3rd to 8th

It's time to go from planning to code. Make sure you do this in an organized manner. Style is nowhere near as important as a program that works. Get the program functional first. Style does not impress Mr. Brash as much as a game or app that functions properly.

Testing - Nov. 9th to 10th

Have people test your app / game. Get them to find bugs or make suggestions on ease-of-use. Does your app need better instructions? Are there scenarios that break the game? Testing is crucial - go squash those bugs!

Submission Deadline - Nov. 11th @ 8:30am

This is the last day of class and utilized to share and explore each other's creations. Failure to submit by this date might result in a mark of zero (0). You must contact your teacher at least 48 hours in advance of this date if you will not be submitting.

Really important - this cannot be stressed this enough...

If you can find it online, so can your teacher. Plagiarism and academic fraud are very easy to spot. Do everyone a favour and code this project yourself. Yes, you may find inspiration and how to do specific tasks like looping through an array or hiding HTML elements on a page, but following a full tutorial or submitting someone else's work as your own will result in an immediate mark of zero (0) without second chances.

Full instructions and the rubric are available in the Repl project for this task.