1. Click on the unit you are interested in from the menu on the left. This will bring you to our list of lessons and associated homework. Some homework is downloadable / printable and some is online or copyrighted. For all online or copyrighted materials, your son / daughter received instructions or hand-outs in class.
2. To view a lesson (marked with the blue logo) you will first need to download the file. To do this, simply click the link for a lesson and select "Save" when you are asked if you would like to Open or Save the file. Save it somewhere meaningful on your computer.
3. Go to express.smarttech.com either by typing it into the address bar of your browser OR by following the "SMART Notebook" link on the left bar of my website and then selecting SMART Notebook Express.
4. Once that website loads, click the large BLUE button that says "Open an existing notebook file". Find the notebook file you saved in step 2 and it will be uploaded and opened on this website for you to view.
Please note that these lesson files are not always what was taught in class and, sometimes, require some interaction. They are NOT meant as online teaching or the ability to complete the course from home. The most important teaching and activities are done in class. If your son / daughter needs more help with a topic there are infinitely many websites that can help them. Khan Academy and Homework Help are the two websites I highly recommend but a quick "Google" of any topic will give several fantastic results. The excuse of "I don't get it" is not as valid these days with the information at our fingertips. Parents are no longer expected to know how to do the math because the entire family, guardians, friends, tutors, and students can research and read the topics from hundreds of different places. It is merely a matter of will power and sitting down and doing the work.