SMART Notebook

    Step-by-step instructions for viewing a SMART Notebook lesson online.
Smart Notebook software is used in the classroom to give interactive lessons on our SMART Board (interactive whiteboard). Some of the lessons that we see in class will be available for download at this website. Students can download and install the SMART Notebook software, free of charge, to view and print the notebook files posted. There are several versions of SMART Notebook software. The two that should apply to students are:
  1. SMART Notebook Express.  This is an online version of the software that you can use to view and print any notebook file. This should be all you need. You can also download this software to run on your computer if you don't want to run it through your web browser.
  2. SMART Notebook.  This is the full notebook software that the teacher uses in class. Students can view, edit, and even create their own notebook files. This download is a 30-day trial. For the full version, students will require a license key from their teacher.