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Exam Review

In the words of my best friend, Mr. Taylor, "I've said all the things."  It is up to you, the student, to prepare yourself for the year-end assessments (with my guidance, of course).

The rest is up to you. The Rich Summative Task (RST) for our course is to be announced.
NOTE: Attendance is mandatory.

Here is our schedule for the next two weeks. (posted as we get close to exams)

Below are Mr. Brash's resources specific to the grade 10 curriculum. These resources are by no means complete but they are very thorough. Utilize your class notes, textbook, and previous assessments.

Review Content
(see chapter pages for links to relevant videos and practice)
   My studying Tips & Tricks

» A comprehensive list of what you should know...

» Questions of the day

» Extra questions aligned with the textbook (only my students will have access through their account)
    » Extra questions with answers   { entire course in one file }

    2016 Exam Review (printable questions)
  ↪ 2016 Exam Review Solutions

» 2012 Exam Review (printable with space to work)  {contains material no longer covered but still relevant}
  ↪ 2012 Review Solutions

» Fake Exam (2017)  { sorry, no answers }

Having trouble with a topic? Try:
    - Homework Help
    - Khan Academy
    - YouTube search
    - Google
    - A seriously awesome MPM2D teacher (with great notes and exam study material)

More content may follow - keep checking back while you study.