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EQAO & Exam Review

In the words of my best friend, Mr. Taylor, "I've said all the things."  It is up to you, the student, to prepare yourself for the year-end assessments (with my guidance, of course).                Studying Tips & Tricks

EQAO - 10% of final mark
    - EQAO Website   (quite honestly, the best place for you to go)
            - Practice Tasks 1-4  (open-response)
            - Practice Tasks 5-8  (open-response)

    - Online Multiple Choice practice:
    - More online MC by Learning Goal:

Final Exam - 20% of final mark
Do you know when your exam is? - you will want to study.
Below is a list of resources that will be extremely helpful.

 File Description 
Older Exam Review - 1 An old file used to review the MPM1D course many years ago. It has excellent practice questions that were used on exams.
Older Exam Review - 2  Another "old" file used to review for our course. These files may seem old but the material is the same! 
Textbook Chapters 1-3 Review A cumulative review from a different textbook. No answers are given - you must learn how to check your own work. (check with a friend, your parents, or work backwards and check your work)
Textbook Chapters 4-6 Review Dito

Textbook Chapters 7-9 Review Dito

2012 Exam Review An exam review from 2012. Contains answers (some might be incorrect)