Review of Essential Skills

As a grade 9 academic student, you are required to be proficient in a certain set of mathematics skills. This quick review unit should help shake the rust off and get you ready for a roller-coaster Gr. 9 Academic course!

Please note - the list of homework here is subject to change!

Items marked with  mean a video is available.


Suggested Practice

Welcome & Course outline  

Lesson 0.1: Integers and Cartesian Graphing    

    -   Remember BEDMAS?  Video 1   Video 2
    -   Remember positive and negative numbers?
            Add/Sub Playlist    Mult/Dev Playlist

**Classroom Practice

Review Sheets 1 & 2   
(Homework is to complete up to "Sheet 1" - the first side)

Lesson 0.2: Fractions
    -   Entire Khan Academy unit on fractions
    -   Adding and Subtracting Fractions Practice   ( Video)
    -   Simplifying Fractions Practice

Review Sheets 2 & 3

Lesson 0.3:  Percent / Fraction / Decimal & Pythagorean Theorem
    -   Converting Fractions & Decimals Playlist
    -   Percents and Fractions and Decimals (Oh My!)
  Pythagorean Theorem Playlist

Review Sheets 4 & 5

General Review & Integer Practice    
    - Integer practice NO CALCULATOR (see links on the right)
  Adding & Subtracting Integers
        -   Multiplying & Dividing Integers

If we have time:
    - Khan Academy sign-up
    - Remind sign-up
    - Google Accounts

In-Class Work Time
Integer Worksheets (no calculator!):
    - Addition
    - Multiplication
    - All Operations

Assessment (Diagnostic)  -  Bring a device!  (BYOD)  

If you don't own a device, I have some.

Need more practice?

Checklist of Grade 8 Skills
Review of Essential Grade 8 Skills

Unit 1!!