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Final Exam
As we get closer to the exam date (do you know when your exam is?!?) you will want to study. Below is a list of resources that will be extremely helpful.

Older Exam Review - 1An old file used to review the MPM1D course many years ago. It has excellent practice questions that were used on exams.
Older Exam Review - 2 Another "old" file used to review for our course. These files may seem old but the material is the same! 
Textbook Chapters 1-3 ReviewA cumulative review straight from your textbook. No answers are given - you must learn how to check your own work. (check with a friend, your parents, or work backwards and check your work)
Textbook Chapters 4-6 ReviewDito

Textbook Chapters 7-9 ReviewDito

2012 Exam ReviewThis file has answers in it and is a little newer.