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Unit 1

Ratios, Proportions, and Measurement
In this unit we will study connections between rates (ex. km/h) and proportions (ex. 6/8 = 3/4). We will then discover that these skills are necessary when converting units of measurement. Not only do we need these skills to convert metres to centimetres but also when we convert between measurement systems like Metric (centimetres, metres, kilometres) and Imperial (inches, feet, yards).
Lesson Homework / Practice
1.1 - The Metric System    HMWK
TIPS Booklet pages 5-8 and 5-9.
HMWK - What is White and Goes Up?  
1.2 - Ratios & Proportions   TIPS Booklet pages 5-31 and 5-32 #1
PIzzazz Worksheets (handed out in class) 
1.3 - Measurement Conversions  Metric & Imperial Conversions Sheet  
Metric & Imperial Conversions Examples  
Get On Your Feet           Answers
1.4 - 2D Measurements  TIPS book "Unit 7". See SMART file on the left (1.4)
1.5 - Similar Triangles  TIPS book "Unit 5". See SMART file on the left (1.5)
Applications Handout in Class 

Review / Extra Help

The unit test is scheduled for Monday, October 3rd. If you require the resource room or special arrangements, please see your teacher before Friday.

Unit 1 Review - Handed out in class 

Extra Metric Practice  
Extra Imperial Practice 
Area and Perimeter Questions 


Here are some great videos from Khan Academy you should watch.

Metric System

Imperial (U.S. Customary) vs Metric