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Unit 4

Linear Relationships

This unit carries forward the idea of equations but relates them to straight lines on a graph. We will learn the mathematics behind graphic points, graphing entire lines, and we will learn the basis of "where do two lines meet?". The idea of a Cartesian Plane and graphing of points (coordinate pairs) is quickly reviewed and then we will discuss rates of change and slopes of lines.
Lesson Homework / Practice
4.1 Graphing Points  View Online --> 4.1 Bowser & "What Did One Ear Say..."  
4.2 Correlation (Relationships)  View Online --> TIPS booklet pages 1-24 to 1-29
4.3 Slope [Rate/Change]  View Online -->
     Khan Academy Videos:
        Slope of a line
        Slope Example
Slope between two points
4.3 What Do You Call a Duck That Steals?  
4.4 Slope/Y-Int. Form y=mx+b  View Online --> TIPS booklet pages 1-65 & 1-66, 1-39
4.5 Types of Slopes
(Ti-83+ Calculator Activity)
   Mrs. McGarry's  View Online --> 
   Mr. Thompson's Class
  View Online --> 
   Mr. Brash's Class   
4.6 A Graph of y = mx + b  View Online -->  
     Khan Academy Videos:
        A Review of Slope
        Graphing y=mx+b
Finding the Equation of a Line
TIPS booklet pages 1-65 & 1-66 (check answers)
                              1-69 to 1-72
                              1-73 to 1-75
And a review of solving equations on page 1-84
4.6 Continued...  See links on right --> Equations vs Graphs of Lines   
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