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Unit 2 - Quadratics Part II

In this unit we will work heavily with Algebra and the manipulation of Quadratic forms. It starts with polynomial multiplication (expand & simplify) and then switches to the exact opposite operation - factoring. We've already covered the Vertex Form of a Quadratic. The other two forms of a Quadratic will be the focus of this unit - Standard Form and Factored Form.

As with the previous unit, this website is being created as we go. It is crucial that you attend class in order to be aware of what we are covering.

Please note - the list of homework in the table below is the most up-to-date version.
The unit outline can be found in the table below, as well as any lesson files, online tools, or extra information (subject to change as we move through the course):
Items marked with  mean a video is available.

Topic (Textbook Section)

Suggested Homework

Pre-Lesson:  Getting Set   [mandatory]     

Practice of the necessary math skills to succeed in this unit.

Textbook    Pg. 232 # 1-3, 7, 9-14

Lesson 2.1 (5.1): Binomial Multiplication
(Expand & Simplify)

    { Blank Class Notes }

Pg. 239 # 3cf, 4be, 5ae, 6bf, 7cd, 9i, 12

Lesson 2.2 (5.2): Standard Form of a Quadratic

Pg. 245 # 1af, 2c, 3bf, 4ad, 6ad, 7ad, 9

Supplemental Lesson: Common Factoring (GCF)

  Here's a video on this topic

Lesson 2.3 (5.3): Factoring Trinomials (a=1)

    { Blank Class Notes }

  Here's the video for this
Use the blank class notes during the video

Pg. 253 # 2a, 3aeh, 6af, 7ac, 8abcdf,  9ace, 10, 11a

Lesson 2.4 (5.4): Factoring Trinomials when a ≠ 1 

Pg. 259 # 2ae, 5ad, 6ade, 7ad

Lesson 2.5 (5.5): Factored Form y = a(x - s)(x - t)

    { Blank Class Notes }

  Here's the video for this
Use the blank class notes during the video

Pg. 272 # 1, 2, 3aef, 4af, 5ad (no check), 6,  7ae (use Desmos to check)

Lesson 2.6 (5.6): Problem Solving with Q's


Pg. 246 # 8,10,11
Pg. 255 # 13
Pg. 261 # 10a,11
Pg. 273 # 8a,b,d,9,11
Pg. 282 # 7,8,9,13-15,17


   The test is on Tuesday March 24th!

Pg. 286 (All) Every other letter
Pg. 288 # 1 - 12