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Unit 1 - Quadratics Part I

In this unit we will rediscover the quadratic = x2 and how it relates to the shape of a parabola. We will work with the Vertex Form of a quadratic and graph transformations of the base parabola.

Please note - the list of homework in the table below is the most up-to-date version.
The unit outline can be found in the table below, as well as any lesson files, online tools, or extra information (subject to change as we move through the course):
Items marked with  mean a video is available.

Topic (Textbook Section)

Suggested Homework

Pre-Lesson:  Getting Set     

Practice of the necessary math skills to succeed in this unit.

Textbook Pg. 166 # 4bd, 5d, 6d, 7ad, 8a, 10a, 12

Workbook Pg. 57 # 2, 3, 4

Lesson 1 & 2: Modelling & Properties of Parabolas  

First Differences, What is a Quadratic?, Properties of Parabolas

A (Re)Introduction to Quadratic Relations & Features of Parabolas

  Watch This Video (and take notes)

Lesson 1 and 2 from our classroom booklet.

Textbook Practice:
You might want a graphing app like DESMOS:
    Pg. 168 # 1ace, 2, 3a, 4ab, 5, 8

Lesson 3:  Graphing Parabolas - Vertex Form!


    - Online Practice (infinite questions)

  Watch This Video   
    You can print and fill-in this file to help take notes

Suggested Practice:

    - Lesson 3
(pg 10) from our classroom booklet.

    - Textbook
        Pg. 191 # 4abcef (don't sketch), 6bc, 7
        Pg. 211 # D1
        Pg. 212 # 1, 2aehij, 3ah, 4ac, 5, 6

Lesson 4:  Graphing & Properties in Vertex Form

This is a minor continuation of the previous lesson. 

    - Online Practice (infinite questions)

 Watch This Video (stop at 7:40)

Suggested Practice:
    - Lesson 4
 (pg 16) from our classroom booklet.
        # 3, 4, 5 (pages 17 & 18)

    - Textbook
        Pg. 214 # 6, 7b, 9abc
        Pg. 223 # 2, 4

Lesson 5:  Vertex Form Equation of a Parabola

We've been graphing from equations... what if we don't have the equation? How do we get the equation from a graph or from other information?

 Watch This Video

Review for Unit Test (2 days)

Review Worksheet (in-class)

Study Sheet - created together.