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Unit 0 - Basic Skills Review

As a grade 11 student, you are required to be proficient in a certain set of mathematics skills. This quick review unit should help shake the rust off and get you ready for the grade 11 College curriculum.

Please note - this list is subject to change!

Items marked with  mean a video is available.


Suggested Practice

Welcome & Course outline  

Lesson 1: General Skills   

    -   Remember BEDMAS?  Video 1   Video 2
    -   Remember positive and negative numbers?
            Add/Sub Playlist    Mult/Dev Playlist
  Remember basic Trigonometry?
    -   Remember solving equations?   Practice
  What about solving more complicated equations?     Practice

**Classroom Practice

Review Sheet 1   

Lesson 1 - General Skills Review

Lesson 2: Ratios and Proportions   
    -   Entire Khan Academy playlist on Ratios & Proportions
  Solving a proportion with an unknown variable         Practice

Lesson 2 - Ratios & Proportions

Lesson 3:  Similar Triangles  
    -   Similar Triangles (Entire playlist of great videos)     Practice

Lesson 3 - Angles & Similar Triangles

Lesson 4:  Solving Equations (optional)   

We've already covered solving equations in the first lesson over several days. If you feel you need more practice, this lesson is suggested. You should also have a look at the links up in Lesson 1 to the videos and practice.

Lesson 4 - Solving Equations

Unit 0 Quiz:  Mathematical ProcessesWe are here!

Still Need more practice?

Checklist of Grade 8 Skills
Review of Essential Grade 8 Skills

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