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Unit 6 - Budgets (Ch. 8)

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In this unit, students will determine the costs related to owning or renting their own house or apartment and design a monthly budget that reflects these costs. Students will learn to make the most of the money they earn and realize how important it is to be aware of all the costs associated with living on their own.

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Topic Homework Date
8.1 - 8.2 - Costs of Owning and Renting  (Real Estate  ->  For Sale or Rent)
Day 1
Discussion & Research

Day 2
  Pg. 479-483
Do:  Pg. 484 #1-8, 11-12

Tues. May 7th
Wed. May 8th
8.3-8.5 - Estimated Living Costs
    ↪ Survey of Household Expenditures (in your folder)
    ↪ Weekly Menu & Grocery Shopping
    ↪ Using a spreadsheet to track income and spending
Survey of Household Expenditures
    ↪ Copy placed in your MAP4C folder.
Thurs. May 9th
Thurs. May 16th
This Chapter is project-based (see 8.3-8.5)
See your teacher for details.