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Introductory Review

We will be conducting a review of many essential mathematics skills from previous courses. Use this page to find extra practice or help on a topic you feel needs work. Be an independent learner and brush up on your skills before we dive into topics that build on these.

This review covers topics that you should already be proficient inIf you find this work particularly difficult you are encouraged to seek tutoring or re-evaluate your decision to take academic mathematics versus applied.

    Khan Academy has some amazing videos. Here are some useful ones if you are feeling a bit rusty:

                - Negative Numbers                                           - Properties of Numbers
                - Order of Operations (BEDMAS or PEMDAS)       - Fractions & Decimals
                - The Number Sets

    If, after this review, you feel you need more practice, I strongly suggest you review grades 7&8.

 As usual, this page is subject to change without notice. Attend class for the most up-to-date version. 
Topic Notes & Tips

Read and complete the document in class with the teacher.

Below are links to extra help and practice on each of the topics of the review.
 Day 1 (Wed. Sept. 4) 
Progress will be updated as we work.

The goal is to review pages 1-3 on the first day. We'll see if we get there.
 Day 2 (Thurs. Sept. 5)
  • Review pages 3-5
We will take-up page 3 and continue working on pages 4 & 5.
        Distribution - Expanding things like 4(3x + 5)
        Solving Equations -  Simple  /  Complex
 Day 3 (Fri. Sept. 6)
  • Review pages 6-7
Today we completed page 6 and the first half of page 7.

    Video on Working with Fractions 
    Get a scientific calculator that can deal with fractions!
Walmart    Staples    Superstore
 Weekend (Sept. 7-8) No homework this weekend
 Day 4 (Mon. Sept. 9)
  • Finish page 7, try to get to pg 10

 Day 5 (Tues. Sept. 10)
  • Review Assessment
 Be prepared for a review assessment on this day!