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Fix PowerTeacher Gradebook

If your Gradebook won't launch (maybe it flashes and disappears):

I did write a script that will do this for you, but try the steps below firstDownload the script to your computer and double-click to run (then cross your fingers).

For Windows (if it's Mac, contact me):
  1. Open a "My Computer" window (Now called Windows Explorer in newer versions)
  2. In the address bar/current location enter (copy/paste):  %USERPROFILE%\AppData\local\Pearson\ 
  3. Hit Enter to travel to that location.
  4. Delete all the numbered folders starting with 2.8....
  5. Launch Gradebook normally (best if launched from inside PowerTeacher the first time you try).
Note:  If step 2 doesn't work, travel to the  C:\  drive manually and:
  • Go into Users
  • Go into the folder that matches your login name (ex. e12345)
  • If asked for admin privileges click on "Yes" or whatever the positive response is.
  • At the top (address bar) add \AppData to the end (hidden folder) and hit Enter
  • Go into local
  • Go into Pearson
Complete steps 4, 5 above.