Admittedly the links on this page are a bit old... I'll update it.    Eventually.

Homework Help
Online math tutoring for students in grades 7-10. All tutors are registered Ontario teachers.

Khan Academy
An amazing website (based in the US) that provides free video tutorials on the most minute topic, right down to examples. You can practice and quiz yourself infinitely on this site. I highly recommend it.

Online Scientific Calculator
A great scientific calculator that works with your keyboard. It has all the functions you need for trig, financials, etc... Sorry MDM4U students, it does not have P(n, r) or C(n, r) but it does have x!.

This page contains pdf versions of past Gr. 9 EQAO tests, with results.

Math Goodies
This site has various lessons and activities of all sorts of math topics. It is fantastic for probability questions. The layout isn't the nicest, but it gets the job done.

Pi Day
The official Pi Day (March 14th) website. Learn more about our favourite irrational number.

TGP3M Course Website - overview of the course with links to documents, etc.

Picasa - Google's photo sharing site, linked to any Google account.
Deviant Art - A place for artists to share and discuss their work. Possibly the largest art website around.
Flickr - similar to Picasa but more for Pro's. This site is THE professional photography website.
DPS - Digital Photography School. The name speaks for itself. Go there. Now.

St. Matthew Catholic High School
Our school homepage for school updates, announcements, etc...

TestDisk (and PhotoRec)
TestDisk is an open-source, cross-platform application that has the ability to recover deleted files, maintain partitions, and perform various other file-related maintenance tasks. There is also a spin-off application, PhotoRec, that is specific to photographs. Aside from SpinRite, this is the best maintenance and recovery program out there. (SpinRite isn't free, TestDisk is)

Tuts+ Tutorials
Tutorials on all sorts of things from Photoshop to audio to blogging... You want to learn how to do something Internet or tech based? Visit this site.