Final Projects '18 Per. 1

Break the CodeBy: Hayden Martens
Rock, Paper, Scissors CoolBy: Jacob Gagnier and Keith Rowen
The Best Tic-Tac-ToeBy: Tyler Paul
Orange TIC TAC TOEBy: Anthony
Survive!By: Aimee L'Heureux
Colour - In'By: Tom Latimer
Mastermind: Crack the Code!By: Olivia Ohan
almost hangmanBy: Anna Hiemstra
Copyright Infringement the Game.By: Dylan melbeuf
connect 4 By: Hala Al-farra
MastermindBy: Grant Kaduck
Nba Guessing gameBy: Alair Mcpherson, Delsen Victor
Tic Tac ToeBy: Ziema Daniel
Mastermind by Evan and BrandonBy: Evan Matos and Brandon Walker
Matermind!By: Mr. Brash
Rock Paper ScissorsBy: Dimitri
rock paper scissors
Tic Tac Toe
By: Jolian Ayoub and Abdullah Ayoub