Final Projects '18 Per. 2

rock paper scissors
Tic Tac Toe
By: Jolian Ayoub and Abdullah Ayoub
Calculator 2.0 By: Hogir Darwish
Final Project (HTML)(Rock Paper Scissors) By: Jerome Osezua
Lock Solver By: Aspad Bhattarai
LesserMind By: Ethan Murray
Snake By: Amy Wang
Game Centre (Mastermind and Rock Paper Scissors) By: Yara Nasrallah
Mastermind By: Brendan Bower
Calculator By: Julio Cesar Quintero, Damien Hebert
Tic Tac Toe By: Zak Mcgregor and Dylan Cragg
Hangman Game By: Tyler and Armin
Mastermind By: Roy Cheruiyot
Connect 4 in JS By: Sean Heroux
Battle GameBy: Emilio Matamoro
Matermind! By: Mr. Brash