First Week

/*  The two courses are so similar that we will be doing to same work. However, students 
    in the 3U credit may have slightly modified expectations on assignments.   */

Content is subject to frequent change without notice. Keep your eye on it but most of all, attend class.
Topic Details Date
Day 1
Introductions and Administrivia

HR:  Lockers and buses and schedules, Oh My!

P1 & 2: 
Hello and rules and blah blah blah...
    - Logins & Passwords
    - Technology Usage Agreement
    - Plagiarism Policy
    - What is Computer Science? {Digits Disc.}
    - Classroom Survey  (mandatory homework)

Tues. Sept. 4th
Day 2 (Time-depending)
Offline Obstacles
HR:  Student fees, forms, etc...

P1 & 2:
    - Logins & Passwords (any issues?)
    - Any questions so far?
    - Lifeboat Activity

Wed. Sept. 5th
Day 3
History of Computers

    - Make or Break the Code
    - Discuss the mechanics
Thurs. Sept. 6th
Day 4
History of Computers
// if the lab is working
10 mins:
History of the Computer
   - Fantastic Article
   - Video

Fri. Sept. 7th

  Please note: There is a Final RST  (No Exam) worth 30% of your overall mark.
  // Updated towards the end of the semester.
  // Overall Mark = Term work: 70% + RST: 30%